SL9B – Neun & Negen

Oh my..there is just so much to see and explore on the SL9B sims, I feel I am running out of time already and it’s only 2 days now!

Today I visited two sims, Neun and Negen. Embarrassing moment, after hanging around there and taking pics – meaning writing the sim names in every pic and in my folders, I only realised many hours later that Neun and Negen = nine and nine in German (Neun) and Dutch (negen)… in 9th Birthday? Argh!

Alors (that’s French, to keep it all a bit European), it is not easy to pick buildings and exhibits to feature on my blog.  I love the huge mainstages and the builds of the more wellknown artists and creators, but also enjoy the ‘unknown’ ones (well at least unknown to me).

I really loved the Magical Meeroo Cave (no meeroo’s though – but shiny things!!), I enjoyed the little park with fountain by Black Rose – as an oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of the flamboyant builds and had my moment of easy entertainment on a dancepad  in the little stand of Lollybaggers. Fun fun fun! All of it!

Black Rose – on Negen
Black Rose – on Negen
Lollygaggers – on Neun
Entrance of Magical Meeroo Cave – on Neun
Shiny things in the Magical Meeroo Cave – on Neun



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Venus says:

    Wonderful photos and blog, Caity! More places I have yet to visit :)

  2. colleen Criss says:

    I so love the 2nd fountain photo Cait. The best SL9B photo I’ve seen so far !!

  3. Adrian Egli says:

    Wow, the “Shiny things” one at Neun is mindblowing. Awesome :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments Venus, colleen and Adrian :))

  5. rucatease says:

    Awes Thank you for the pics you took and the compliments from everyone. I’m glad people enjoyed my cave with the “shiny things” hehe

    1. My pleasure, Rucatease, it was a real eyecatcher, lovely!!

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