Meanwhile in The ImperiuM..

Whilst I spend most of my in world time on the SL8B sims this week, I also try to keep up with fighting in ImperiuM ! Last night I watched a nice groupfight in our Mainhall and we welcomed a new member: Kirjaval! She did her best in the fight (with the Bokuto) but it’s…

SL8B – ImperiuM build is ready :)

The last two days, while I was in the UK for rl-work, the SL8B sims were closed for final inspections and cleaning up by LL. Today all is open again for builders and for press and Monday the 20th the Grand Opening will be there! We can’t wait!       A direct SLURL to…

Let the sun shine….!

Today I finally got some inspiration to make a summer beach on ImperiuM Island – in the NW Corner of the sim..I have been meaning to do this for weeks! Luckily Ratt had some time as well, and he helped me getting a sandy beach (with a sculpt), he made a nice picnic-table in ImperiuM…

SL8B: The start!

Yesterday we could claim our parcel on SL8B, we got one assigned on the sim called: Spellbound! Getting into the exhibitor-group for both Ratt and me went swiftly and within an hour we found ‘our’ land. Claiming it means: put a prim on it. Simple! The theme this year is: ‘The Magic of Second Life’,…

Fierce Fighters!

Gotta love what the sword-animations does to your facial expression :)


Trainingnight was good! It was nice to see new and old faces in our dojo, where Ratt went through some moves and tips for us all. Unfortunately I was not really able to attend, due to phonecalls (meh to RL), but while on phone I watched the lessons :).

New blades ;)

A lovely evening in our Dojo tonight! Had some wonderful spars with Ratt and watched our two newest members (Micki and  Gihn) learning the basics :)

Easter on ImperiuM Island

Thanks (not) to my busy schedule and travel last week, I had no time to decorate my Linden Egg in time for the BunnyJam Contest…aw! But to get our sim a bit in the holiday spirit of Easter (read: another excuse to go shopping and finding nice decorations!) I put some Easter-decorations at the Landing…

A lovely Mondaynight

Before I had to go to training in the Dojo, I did some ironing for the rest of the week.. Training was good,  good times!