The armed N00bs are coming!

When I logged in briefly this morning in ImperiuM , I saw a little green dot on the minimap. I hopped over (yay, I love double-click to teleport!) to go say ‘hello’ to the visitor!

I am not sure if it was a ‘he’ or a ‘she’, the name did not tell it either, but the looks….I just love n00bs, specially when they have managed to ruin their avatar on the first day of their Second Life! This one, I assume, tried to wear a full body armour and a sword, but it’s obviously not complete. Well, or maybe it is?
I tried to start a conversation, but no responses on my friendly welcome and then it poofed away…aw! I hope he/she was not scared by meeting a pink Elf with a shiny sword….


Nice armour!

I logged too, am going to take care of my real-life me the coming days and will take it very easy, as this flu has to be beaten!

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