Thursday Tours

It is Thursday again and so I went on my Tour. This week not locations I have blogged about before, but I choose 3 places from the Destionation Guide, the winter attractions, and decided to go check them out. It is the season after all, or so I have heard!

My first visit was to Nordan Om Jorden, a quiet and peaceful sim in winter theme but not so much Christmas, which I like very much for its wide views and photogenic environment.

Thursday Tours - Nordan Om Jorden

Then I teleported to Galas Galadhon’s Noel, wich is totally decorated for Christmas with light in the trees and you can take a (romantic) sleighride or dance next to the frozen pond.

Thursday Tours - Noel

My last travel was to Winter Things. A place with a lot. Really a lot, maybe a tad too much for my taste but I am blogging it anyway because: Castle! How gorgeous is that!

Thursday Tours - Winter Things

Happy touring!


Thursday, so time to check some places I have blogged about in the past to see if they are still around…and to make new pics and feature them in my Thursday Tours!

I started my tour on Pigeon Island, a wonderful place with green forests and surrounded by the sea and mountain ranges. Perfect for some wide shots and enjoy the panorama!

Thursday Tours - Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island

Next stop was Sarawak, the beautiful home of Ermandalee (go see her pics on Flickr!)! Lovely green forests and many photogenic spots! Really worth a visit if you haven’t been there, and also a place to return to often!

Thursday Tours - Sarawak


My last destination of this tour was Sunny Fields. The home of TMD Mainstore, who sells aircrafts and monorails and offers a complete airport with landingstrip for all to enjoy! I particularly like this for the dessert look and feel and since you can rez your aircraft to fly….you can also (of course!) rez props for photoshoots :)

Thursday Tours - Sunny Fields

Sunny Fields

Happy Touring!

For this weeks Thursday Tours I (re)visited another 3 wonderful places! I have, in past, blogged about these three locations, and they are also places I love to go back to from time to time.

First stop this afternoon was Deadpool. Last time I was there, it was a spooky Carnival infested with zombies…now it is a fashion-district, a shopping-city, but…besides the shops it is still very ‘Deadpool’ and I even ran into a zombie..It is not your average mall and most certainly photogenic!

Thursday Tours Deadpool

Second on my tour today was Basilique Town  (Adult). If you follow or read my blog regularly, you will know this place by now…Yeah yeah, but what can I say! It is not only the home of Becky and Harvey and the Basilique Performing Arts Company (Grid-famous in SL for Paradise Lost and Romeo + Juliet!), but also it is a romantic location, wonderful for photoshoots and I personally love the mediteranean atmosphere.

Thursday Tours Basilique

And last, but certainly not least (the order of locations in my tours is completely random) I landed on Tierra de Fuego (Adult), the wonderful airport from Ash, where you can sit around and enjoy the scenery or go to the bar and have some (adult) fun! I just love the plane in the air, as it is leaving..and new to the place is a Tower of Containers – stacked up so high I could not get it on the picture, of containers decorated with works from various SL artists.
Thursday Tours Tierra la Fuega

Happy Touring!

Every now and then, well actually quite often but I try to be modest, I get questions as ‘what is a nice sim for pics‘, or ‘ Do you know where I can do such and such photoshoot‘.  The worst question is always: ‘what is your favourite place‘ , because  I have so many and it depends on mood, ambiance and all that. I love so, so many places!

It made me think a bit, and I am going to introduce a new series on my blog: Thursday Tours. Featuring 3 lovely locations in one post, one pic per place and often they are place I already blogged about – so real recommendations from me to you!

For this first ‘Thursday Tours’  I revisited Frisland, The Trace and Binemist.

Frisland, the home of Anna Barzane, Charlie Namiboo and Frislanda Ferraris, is already in full Autumn colours! What a surprise and how lovely!Perfect to hang out, sit, relax, take pictures…wonderful!

Frisland - A tour around SL - I

Frisland in Autumn

The Trace, one of the most elegant landscaped sims I know – by Kylie Jaxxon – is a favourite because of the current panoramic view over the wetlands and sea, and also a place to return to often as Kylie is always working on it and to be honest…I cannot wait to see what she is going to do for the next season!

The Trace - A tour around SL - II

The panoramic view at The Trace

Binemist is a magical place, with so many hidden gems, a wonderful place from Bine Rodenberger, and on Binemist one of my favourite spots currently is the underwater scene….I like to sit in the underwater drive in cinema and watch the sea-turtles swim by.

Binemist - A tour around SL - III

Underwater Drive Inn Cinema at Binemist

I hope this inspires you to visit these places, they are so much worth a visit!

Happy Thursday Touring!