Thursday Tours: Pigeon Island, Sarawak and Sunny Fields

Thursday, so time to check some places I have blogged about in the past to see if they are still around…and to make new pics and feature them in my Thursday Tours!

I started my tour on Pigeon Island, a wonderful place with green forests and surrounded by the sea and mountain ranges. Perfect for some wide shots and enjoy the panorama!

Thursday Tours - Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island

Next stop was Sarawak, the beautiful home of Ermandalee (go see her pics on Flickr!)! Lovely green forests and many photogenic spots! Really worth a visit if you haven’t been there, and also a place to return to often!

Thursday Tours - Sarawak

My last destination of this tour was Sunny Fields. The home of TMD Mainstore, who sells aircrafts and monorails and offers a complete airport with landingstrip for all to enjoy! I particularly like this for the dessert look and feel and since you can rez your aircraft to fly….you can also (of course!) rez props for photoshoots :)

Thursday Tours - Sunny Fields
Sunny Fields

Happy Touring!


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  1. Kat Terrawyng says:

    After reading this blog, I fell in love with Pigeon Island and now it’s gone! Do you know who owned it so maybe it would be possible to see if they’ve just moved it? I’m just heartbroken!

    1. Oooh….I had no idea! I tried today and indeed I couldnt get there, but then..rolling restarts? I will try again tomorrow, sadly I don’t have names of the owners….:(

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