Thursday Tours: Frisland, The Trace and Binemist

Every now and then, well actually quite often but I try to be modest, I get questions as ‘what is a nice sim for pics‘, or ‘ Do you know where I can do such and such photoshoot‘.  The worst question is always: ‘what is your favourite place‘ , because  I have so many and it depends on mood, ambiance and all that. I love so, so many places!

It made me think a bit, and I am going to introduce a new series on my blog: Thursday Tours. Featuring 3 lovely locations in one post, one pic per place and often they are place I already blogged about – so real recommendations from me to you!

For this first ‘Thursday Tours’  I revisited Frisland, The Trace and Binemist.

Frisland, the home of Anna Barzane, Charlie Namiboo and Frislanda Ferraris, is already in full Autumn colours! What a surprise and how lovely!Perfect to hang out, sit, relax, take pictures…wonderful!

Frisland - A tour around SL - I
Frisland in Autumn

The Trace, one of the most elegant landscaped sims I know – by Kylie Jaxxon – is a favourite because of the current panoramic view over the wetlands and sea, and also a place to return to often as Kylie is always working on it and to be honest…I cannot wait to see what she is going to do for the next season!

The Trace - A tour around SL - II
The panoramic view at The Trace

Binemist is a magical place, with so many hidden gems, a wonderful place from Bine Rodenberger, and on Binemist one of my favourite spots currently is the underwater scene….I like to sit in the underwater drive in cinema and watch the sea-turtles swim by.

Binemist - A tour around SL - III
Underwater Drive Inn Cinema at Binemist

I hope this inspires you to visit these places, they are so much worth a visit!

Happy Thursday Touring!



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  1. Becky says:

    Good idea for a series. I wouldn’t mind joining you on a tour or two :)

    1. Thanks Becky! I just thought of this ‘series’ because I see so many places but usually do not blog several times about the same location (unless drastically re-decorated), yet lots are worth mentioning more often and deserve attention. And I would love to tour with you, will give you a shout next time :)

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