Thursday Tours: Deadpool, Basilique and Tierra de Fuego

For this weeks Thursday Tours I (re)visited another 3 wonderful places! I have, in past, blogged about these three locations, and they are also places I love to go back to from time to time.

First stop this afternoon was Deadpool. Last time I was there, it was a spooky Carnival infested with zombies…now it is a fashion-district, a shopping-city, but…besides the shops it is still very ‘Deadpool’ and I even ran into a zombie..It is not your average mall and most certainly photogenic!

Thursday Tours Deadpool

Second on my tour today was Basilique Town  (Adult). If you follow or read my blog regularly, you will know this place by now…Yeah yeah, but what can I say! It is not only the home of Becky and Harvey and the Basilique Performing Arts Company (Grid-famous in SL for Paradise Lost and Romeo + Juliet!), but also it is a romantic location, wonderful for photoshoots and I personally love the mediteranean atmosphere.

Thursday Tours Basilique

And last, but certainly not least (the order of locations in my tours is completely random) I landed on Tierra de Fuego (Adult), the wonderful airport from Ash, where you can sit around and enjoy the scenery or go to the bar and have some (adult) fun! I just love the plane in the air, as it is leaving..and new to the place is a Tower of Containers – stacked up so high I could not get it on the picture, of containers decorated with works from various SL artists.
Thursday Tours Tierra la Fuega

Happy Touring!


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  1. owldragonash says:

    Awesome tips Cait, i need to go see the containers : )

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