Mech Combat

Mech. Yeah, those HUGE robots, they always remind me a bit of the Transformers, but they are completely different. Or so I am told. Anyways, for some strange reasons…Ratt and I ended up in the Mainstore of MCM Combat Operations. A high-tech facility where you can get all sorts of Mech avatars and accessories. I…

Fierce Fighters!

Gotta love what the sword-animations does to your facial expression :)


Trainingnight was good! It was nice to see new and old faces in our dojo, where Ratt went through some moves and tips for us all. Unfortunately I was not really able to attend, due to phonecalls (meh to RL), but while on phone I watched the lessons :).

A lovely Mondaynight

Before I had to go to training in the Dojo, I did some ironing for the rest of the week.. Training was good,  good times!

Angel Dessous

Samurai are ususally dressed to kill, in Second Life this mostly means: simple, not too much flexistuff and as less prims as possible. Reason why I run around in lowprim gear most of the times, not very fashionable perhaps, but very functional. One of my small – and secret till now-  pleasures is: wearing nice…

Bloody blades

My way of unwinding after a long day tonight was sitting and watching Ratt, Lunita and Pilar fight :)            

Trainingnight, well…sort of!

Usually on the Wednesday evenings (22:00 CET) we have a recap of the grouptraining we had on the Monday. Last Monday we practiced for the upcoming CTF against the Yakuza Clan (mid March), which was great fun and very useful. Tonight Ratt had prepared a training in using the ‘specials’ in our swords, specifically when…

Getting back slowly

Ahh, I never find it easy to get really back fast into the fighting when I have been travelling. Odd, as I have not been away that long ! Anyway, I enjoyed watching Ratt, Oki and Nikita fight in our dojo, watching spars always relaxes me :)       Even if you are not…

FFA Madness

Last night we had a full house, ehm…Dojo!, and went for a total mad FFA *Free for All*….great fun with  Mellow, Eve, Utakata, Dinah, Oki, Robroy & Ratt!