Ellie’s Time out

Last night I rezzed the Padded Room from aDorkable (yeah, another Platinum Hunt item!) in the dojo, to check it out. Within a couple of minutes Ellie took a time-out in it! No worries, Ellie is just fine, it just shows even brave Samurai need some peace and quiet every now and again….


My vacation ended and today was my first day back in the office. Meetings…catching up and deleting hundreds of emails…pretty tiresome! To add joy to all, the rain has stopped and summer has begun! WTF! Anyway, tonight we sparred like crazy in the dojo and during one of the (needed!) breaks Ratt took the opportunity…

Combat and pictures

Last night we were delighted to see some members of ImperiuM returned to our dojo, as this is still a slow time and lots of people are on vacation. Being all a bit rusty, we did some groupfights (or FFA) just for the heck of it. Kill and be killed. Die and stand up. Good…

Goodbye to Meiji

The Meiji sim has always been in SL ever since I started katana-fighting in 2008. It was a public combatsim, open to all and run and owned  by Domokun, who has spent a lot of his money and time in this to create a gathering place for clans and ronin. I remember having my very…

Meanwhile in The ImperiuM..

Whilst I spend most of my in world time on the SL8B sims this week, I also try to keep up with fighting in ImperiuM ! Last night I watched a nice groupfight in our Mainhall and we welcomed a new member: Kirjaval! She did her best in the fight (with the Bokuto) but it’s…

SL8B, getting closer!

SL8B is getting closer and closer, luckily our exhibit is already finished – thanks to Ratt’s hard work! The grand Opening is on 20 June and the gates will close again at 2 July! An overview of all the sims, including the names ( The ImperiuM has its parcel on Spellbound!), they are closed for…

Fierce Fighters!

Gotta love what the sword-animations does to your facial expression :)


Trainingnight was good! It was nice to see new and old faces in our dojo, where Ratt went through some moves and tips for us all. Unfortunately I was not really able to attend, due to phonecalls (meh to RL), but while on phone I watched the lessons :).

New blades ;)

A lovely evening in our Dojo tonight! Had some wonderful spars with Ratt and watched our two newest members (Micki and  Gihn) learning the basics :)