More playing with shadows

although I know some people can be in world and feel bored..I rarely experience that! There is always something to play with or to (re) discover.

This morning I was sitting at the seaside in Penghu, and amused myself with taking pictures of Fat and H, who were talking and sitting all sweet on a bench in front of  H’s  Piao Dao Teahouse.
Having tried all available sky-settings in my viewer, I ended up taking about 25 snapshots and found these two not bad at all!

I really like the ‘shadows’ option, although it slows my machine down and fps drops to a minimum. But face it, when just using it for pictures, when sitting still and not chatting…its good enough!

One Comment Add yours

  1. H says:

    Hello, yes … monday morning important talk with Fat. Nice photos Cait :-)

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