The case of the missing skin

This morning I tp’d to H to say hi & good morning, only to find him half present. As in…his hair was there, and his clothes and teeth..but his skin was gone!
H himself had no clue, he saw his normal avatar, so we thought it was only me. However after the famous edit appearance, things got worse! At this point he saw too what happened to him.

H's new look (lol!)

No panic…I advised a ‘clear cache’ and a relog and thought all would be okay. That did not work!
Next attempt to get the normal H back was to go to the male-test avatar and see if things would repair itself. Ahem. Nope, the test-male did not work at all and now H was completely black.


Needless to say, H got a bit nervous and me…I was laughing so hard here, I sprayed coffee through my nose on the monitor….aww, how mean!

So. Help! H changed to several viewers, tried all skins he had and at some point his skin was back but his shape was still wrong. After some relogs and editing apppearance…all was fixed and stayed normal!

Hello there!!

I had lots of fun, really! Poor H….I think he will get over it, some day…and we always have the pictures!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. H says:

    LOLE .. amazing :-)

    1. Hahahahahah! OMG, seeing the pics made me laugh again…sorry H…:)

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