Voice Morphing!

Today I went to Voice Island, it’s a tiny (ugly!) piece of land where you can buy  the so-called ‘voice morphing packs’. Meaning, when you pay 750 LS for a pack, 5 morphed voices will be added to your ‘speak’ button and your voice will be changed when you speak. For one  month that is!
A few days before it ends, you will be notified to renew, or not. Oh, and you need to be in Viewer 2 or equivalent to install them, but all other viewers will hear them!

Voice Island

So I tried some out, and decided to give it a try, and got myself some new voices for the coming month..heheh! No, don’t worry, I did not buy the masculine ones…or did I ?

PS: you can pick up a FREE Halloween voice, to try!! Creepy!

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