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Lately I have not been online in Second Life much, due to real life work for one, but also the fact that my social life inworld seems to be nihil at the moment. I’ve tried to find new places, meet new people, but that didn’t really work out. So rather than sitting online looking at myself, I’ve been binge-watching tv series.
To get rid of the guilty feeling of becoming a couch potato I’ve been running a lot. Well running may be a big word, I think what I do is more ‘jogging’…but running sounds cooler!

To illustrate, I ‘run’ with my dog, who does not even need to speed up his normal pace, he just happily ‘walks’ alongside me. Mind you, he is a small Jack Russell Terrier, not some superfast Greyhound!

Runs with dog - A blogpost - II

It is fun though, and I keep doing it and my dog seems to like it too – specially now he finally understands which side of the trees and lamp poles he has to take to prevent getting us tangled in his leash. I use a special ‘runners’ leash. Yes, who knew those existed, I didn’t! It’s attached to a comfy padded belt around my waist/hips, and the leash itself is elastic, so when he abruptly stops to sniff something interesting (about every 3 meters),  there is no harsh pulling or a sudden full stop!

Runs with dog - A blogpost - I

Anyway, if you want to know statistics: we run 3 or 4 times a week, 4 kilometers and this takes us almost an hour. Yes, I am that slow. But hey, the dog needs to pee and sniff a lot, he is a dude, right? I’ve given up using one of those apps that keep track of your running performance, as they only sent me notifications telling me I should speed up and run more and faster. Giving me statistics on how slow I am compared to ‘my friends using this app’  isn’t really motivating me!

Our next adventure will be: him running next to my bicycle, but that will be a whole other challenge!

The pictures in this post are totally unrelated, taken on a wonderful new to me sim, Orcadi Island – Black Cat Island. You should go check it out!

Runs with dog - A blogpost - III

If you are looking for a quiet place, beautifully landscaped and decorated, surrounded by the sea, you really want to visit The Heart of the Sea!

The Heart of the Sea - II - a blogpost

A new destination, and very much worth a visit – great for photography and exploring! There are secluded small beaches, and on top of the hill you will find grasslands with sheep and horses. I also recommend you play the music stream, the classical music certainly adds to the ambiance.

The Heart of the Sea - III - a blogpost

My pictures do not do it justice, you should go there yourself and if …no…when!, you take pictures, do not forget to add them to the Heart of the Sea Flickgroup!

No, you don't

I’ve spent most of this evening on Devin. Not one, but two amazing sims with nature, wildlife, deserts, sandstorms and probably a lot more! A place to return to and enjoy, alone or with friends. Or even a date, as there are some really lovely spots with couple dances. The music stream is Slow Radio, which is great for exploring, chilling or dancing.

Devin - I - A blogpost

Devin I and II are owned by Roy Mildor, Ally Daysleeper and Alienmaus Allen and the rating is M.

Devin - III - A blogpost

You really want to go there, again…and again. I know I do!

Devin - IV - A blogpost

What else to do on a Saturday night than some exploring? OK, partying…and clubbing, but I wasn’t really in the mood for that, so exploring it was!

The Hell's Heaven 2.0 - II

The other day I visited The Hell’s Heaven 2.0 and was amazed by it. Such a great place! Wonderfully landscaped and decorated, so tonight I went back to look around some more.

The Hell's Heaven 2.0 - III

It is one of those locations in which you can spend many hours, so I would say: go there and enjoy!

The Hell's Heaven 2.0 - I

Have a great weekend!

Today I explored Knightfall, for SL Blogger Support, a wonderful blogger- and photographer friendly place!

SL Blogger Support

It has been too long since I’ve posted about a blogger- and photographer friendly location, but that does not mean there are none! On the contrary, new locations still pop up and in this time of year lots of other locations are changing to the new season – making them all new again.

In this post I will feature a wonderful, medieval park: Knightfall. A lovely decorated park, with castles and bridges, rivers and forests in both lush green and a snowed mountain top.

Location in the Spotlight Knightfall - II I did not have the time to speak to the creators and decorators, but I was given a note by Cyrus Knight, with the following:

‘From the creators of Ironwood Hills comes Knightfall, an immersive medieval adventure park! Where you step out of one world and into another. Expansive landscapes, rivers, wooded paths where you can ride horses, a snow-capped mountain to ascend (don’t fall), a…

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Though my Flickr stream may give the impression I am always clubbing or shopping, this is not quite true. Most of my inworld time I spend either helping members of the SL Blogger Support Group and exploring and enjoying new locations and art installations.

The past weeks I’v been taking things easy, due to the heatwave and also because I’ve learned – after so many years in SL and blogging – I do not need to blog on a daily basis and most certainly not when I do not feel like it!

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