Sharp blades & and a Lunar Adventure..

Last night was long but good! Went to bed waaaayyyy past my bedtime, but I was having so much fun online….it was impossible to log off!

It was lovely to see some new members in our dojo, all eager to practice and doingtheir  best to improve the new learned skills! Made me remember how hard I found it when I just got my sword..the moving, the mouselook, ALL those keys! Haha! But they did great and after some 1-1 sessions we ended the evening with a FFA, wonderful!

ImperiuM Katana (click to enlarge)

Then, when most had left for bed (the wise ones…) I went back to the Moonbase I visited a couple of days ago, to explore it some more and enjoy the peace and silence.
Heinrich came over and we got dressed up in our space-suits for a walk outside. We discovered a spaceship-rezzer and after I crashed the first one (I am a lousy pilot!), H managed to fly us around in a second rezzed vehicle and even made it to a safe landing next to the space-garage.

All dressed up to go outside!

On our quest, looking for food and water!, we discovered mainly empty rooms and a morgue, bathrooms without water,  lots of crates with unidentified stuff, but nothing to keep us alive.

Looking for food and water....

In the control tower we met Tem and Sherly, worrying about the lack of supplies and Sherly even had a leak in her spacesuit!

At 3AM (or maybe a bit later) it was really, really, really bedtime…Zzzzz

4 Comments Add yours

  1. H says:

    :-) Funny Evening . Merci . :P

    1. hehe H, thank you for joining me in this adventure! :)

  2. Tem Haalan says:

    You’ll be gald to hear that we repaired the leak in Sherly’s spacesuit (she had to cut her hair!) and were able to escape the moonbase in a shuttle…. Tem

    1. Oh thanks for letting me know you two got out of there safely! LOL! Was nice meeting you :)!

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