Try before you die: The Damned Zombie Outbreak

Most people who know me, know I do not like games involving guns and shooting. Odd, yes. As the katana I use daily is also a weapon, and technically it shoots too. Anyway, guns and Cait have never been a good combination.

However! In the spirit of  ‘Try Before you Die’ I teleported myself to the Damned City, where an outbreak of zombies takes place…
At the landing point you can get the HUD and a free rifle, but I did not like the freebie so I bought myself a very cute, pink, Hello Kitty MP-5 Automatic thing. Hehe. Joined the Damned Survivor Group and off I went, into the Damned City.

A bit of history, as written in the groupdescription:

“The Damned City was once alive and thriving city known by the name of Hope Rising . It was a peaceful happy city. The residents took care of each other and were all very close. The city of Hope Rising was far away from any other city since it was built within a mountain range. The military ran the city because it was always thought to be a good safe place if the apocalypse would come. No one thought things would change so fast…..ohhh how wrong they all was!!”

Sooo…see me being all tough with my Hello Kitty gun!

I am sooo ready to kill!!

The Zombies came almost immediately after me, and I managed to kill some. Oh. And I also killed some other players, oh well..collateral damage for the good cause. Ahem.

Argh, I killed those two Zombies!!!

While running and jumping and shooting around, you hear the most awful sounds of people getting eaten alive. Very comforting..hehe! At some point I jumped over a fence, a big mistake as it turned out I landed in a group of  Zombies and Aliens…and within one minute they had me dead….sigh. I did mention I am a lousy shooter and do not like guns?

Oh nooeess..they got me!

After my resurrection I sneaked back to the safe landing point, where I found a comfy bed to rest after this traumatic experience…

Safe at last!

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