Tonight I was in the mood for some good old fashioned exploring, so I pulled up the weekly ‘Highlights of the Destination Guide‘ and off I went. After a few rather disappointing locations – I ended up in the Battle of the Bulge. I kid you not.

Of course I looked it up and it is actually a real name for a real WWII battle, which took place in the Ardennes (16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945). The official name of the battle at that time though was ‘Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein’ (for the Germans) and Ardennes Counteroffensive’ for the Allies. More information about this Battle you can read here!

Battle of the Bulge - II (Blogpost)

In Second Life the Battle of the Bulge is a roleplay sim, where one can re-enact said battle. There are a few locations, but I stayed (do to time limits and because I liked it anyway) in the skydome where I arrived – which is a snowy, cold and somber battle ground. I was the only one present, so I had the opportunity to have a good look around.

Battle of the Bulge - IV (Blogpost)

If you are interested in WWII roleplay, or battles (there is an active Capture the Flag system) it’s a must see. Also, it is a nice place for photography!


Edit 25 september: the auction is now open, with parties and everything, come on over:  SLURL!

Tomorrow MadPea’s SL Celebrity Auction will start and runs till 27 september. It is all for the good cause: Live and Learn in Kenya, to raise funds for a school.

On MadPea’s official site you can find all details, including the list of names of people who are up for the auction. There will also be live auctions, and some Lindens have offered themselves up! I hope to get some bidders, although I am not a celebrity and not in the live auction – but my auction board will be up and here is what I have to offer:

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A few weeks ago Linden Lab launched their new interactive game Paleo Quest in Second Life and today I finally got in the right mood for some old fashioned exploring and asked my friend Pepys to join me in this adventure. Because I am 1) not good in games/quests and 2) these things are always so much more fun when you do it with a friend!

Needless to say, we first spent some time to get properly outfitted for the occasion, very important!, and got all geared up for a day in the jungle, unaware of the dangers that were to come….

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It was a warm, slow, summer evening and Coobs and Caity went for a nice walk in a quiet and peaceful Vineyard, on a sim far away. They chatted and occasionally had some silent moments, enjoying the environment and letting the busy day behind them.

Coobs suddenly stopped. ‘I hear something’ he whispered  ‘be quiet!’,  while he pushed Caity behind him and drew his sword and shield.
Caity got her sword, the vicious and sharp ‘mean butterknife’ as it was called, and well..stepped away to let Coobs check out what that scary sound behind the bushes was.

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Of all my big plans to visit the SL12B regions this week, and blog about them, nothing happened. What did happen was too much real life, taking up all my time and energy and took away the inspiration to explore and write for some days. And still a bit.
All will be fine, it is just one of those periods everything comes together – unplanned and out of the blue – and we all know those periods will slow down and life will be back to normal!

I found the time in the late evenings to log in for a bit, for distraction and even had a couple of hours today. Upon logging in I received a notice via SL Blogger Support about a new sim, open to the public, promising us a great photography location: Ironwood Hills.
Just what I needed!

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Thanks to the (as always!) gorgeous pictures by Skip Staheli on Facebook and his Flickr, I ended up in Crestwick Island today. A small, sleepy, working class town surrounded by the sea and mountains.

Crestwick Island has a great atmosphere and it really felt like I was doing some shopping on a day off, while the rest of the neighbours had commuted to work early in the morning. A perfect place to wander around, windowshopping or just have a seat on one of the benches and ponder the meaning of life. Or something.
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