Getting ready for Christmas

Holidays are always a great excuse to go shopping! Although I still love my green Elf Outfit I got 2 years ago, it’s also needed to have something new to wear, that reflects the spirit of the season…

This morning, after taking photo’s on ImperiuM Island of the new Christmas decorations by Pil and Oki, I browsed through the Marketplace and found a nice, comfy winter coat with hood. Well, the hood is optional and can be replaced by a collar. I bought in on the site ( I rarely do that, I prefer to go in world shopping!) and it was delivered within 2 minutes.
Put on my new stuff and then went looking for the shop, Caverna Obscura, which turned out to be a huge store for fairy’s and elves, lots of fantasy outfits and wings!  My coat can be found in the ‘skins and accessories’ department (there is an easy teleporter system), and it is available in two colors: red and blue :)

Ready for Christmas!

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