Syzygy’s Ice Beach

In the spirit of winter I visited Syzygy (what’s in a name?), a 5 sim region completely turned into a Winter Wonderland, but then….different than so many I have seen the past weeks!

Icemen 'snowballing"...

Of course there is snow and frozen lakes & waterfalls, but the decoration is less ‘Christmassy’ and does not feel so overdone in red and green. The 5 sims are all in different shades of white and what struck me most are the detailed creations that are hidden all over the place. I have spent most of my evening there, and I am sure I have not seen or discovered half of what’s there to enjoy!

Found this beauty, hidden behind the bushes!

You can ice-skate or just wander around. Sit in one of the many cosy corners, and don’t forget to zoom around with your camera..even behind the bushes may be a beautifully crafted surprise!

Taking a break after ice-skating with little penguins!

I find this place delightful and am for sure going back for some more exploring and photo’s! Speaking of which, I already uploaded more pics on my flickr!

Ho ho ho!

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