1000 Avatars – by Gracie Kendal

When browsing the Destination Guide (well, actually I was checking if the ImperiuM is still in there and yeah, we are) I found an interesting art project : 1000 Avatars, a project by Gracie Kendal.

Gracie Kendal is an avatar, and in RL she is an artist (Kristine Schomaker). Read all about her on her blog site 1000 avatars, as it will make it more clear instead of me babbling about! Heh. Yeah, and maybe this is a ‘lazy post’!

No kidding though, the project is a skybox filled with 1000 pictures of Avatars! Really fun to watch and kind of overwhelming even! You will have a hard time recognizing people, because they are all photo’s from the backs of avatars, but you will see some nice bums :p.

1000 Avatars

Also, when you are there don’t forget to accept  the notecard offered, in the note is described how you can participate in the project, if you think it’s fun to have your picture on the wall!

Kristine, Caitlin and Gracie

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