Wow, another surprise found! After my Linden Realms adventure I felt like exploring a bit. Browsing through the Destination Guide I saw a new Editor’s Pick: Greeter Island! An island filled with Linden Helpers, from 10AM till 6PM SLT, for all your questions!

So there I went, curious on what this was…as I had not seen anything about it on the forum or blog – while this must be something really nice and news!

I was there just before 10AM SLT, so I did not expect anyone to be there to help me, but I wanted to look around. Alas, not only was there no help (makes sense, too early) but the island was blocked by nasty yellow banlines. Meaning I landed on a pile of helpless newbs, all looking for help and asking me questions. Ew! I twittered this to @secondlife and got a tweet back saying I was there outside of helphours. Well yah..duh. I know. But why banlines?

Anyway, I waited 10 mins and tataaa…10AM it was, and immediately the banlines dissapeared and we could enter the island.
There were a lot of Linden Helpers! All nice looking ladies, in a kind of LL Uniform with lovely names as: Apricot Helper, Amber Helper, Yellow Helper and so on. Very colourful. And they are real people, not robots, with AO and all. Within 10 mins the island was flooded with newbs and from what I could hear/read they all got helped pretty fast. The Helpers do most of their support in IM, which makes sense as this is easier to follow than open chat when it’s busy.

Oh and I ran into Viale Linden himself, for the second time in two days, but he was there for 2 mins and poofed before I could say hi. Oh well.

I think it is a good initiative, apparently it is BETA, but I kept a LM to hand out to noobs, as this is very useful!



A Helper

A Helper

Not a Helper!

Profile of Helper


Oh my….what is it with newbs and their struggle with shoes and feet? I spent only one hour in Waterhead Welcome Area on my Sunday afternoon and all I saw was people with sore feet, shoes from a decade ago – but not quite vintage – and missing footshapes…

After looking at these painful feet I really needed something pretty to recover! So I hopped over to the new mainstore of JustB and got myself a lovely Faux Suede Jacket, in coal! Aaah….I feel better already!

* Dress: Ciao Baby – by Tres Blah
* Tights: Favorite Wool Tights in Orange 2 – by Mon Tissu
* Pose: Glitterati

You gotta love n00bs, really..specially the polite ones!

[15:46] JakinoT: i want to f*ck u caitlin
[15:46] Caitlin Tobias: eh?
[15:46] Faye Velde: Cait is the lucky one!
[15:46] Caitlin Tobias: omg!
[15:46] belinda51 Unplugged: lol
[15:46] Mallory Cyberstar: BINGO
[15:47] Arawen Smythe: lol
[15:47] belinda51 Unplugged: lol
[15:47] Sky Shamen: she is teh chosen
[15:47] Raver Republic: why don’t I ever get lucky :'(
[15:47] JakinoT: will u have sex with me
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: you know what, Jakino?
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: go f*ck yourself
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: enjoy
[15:47] Arawen Smythe: wow Caitlin….how can you say no?
[15:47] belinda51 Unplugged: lol
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: easy
[15:47] Faye Velde: she said something more….
[15:47] Arawen Smythe: lol
[15:47] JakinoT: but i want to f*ck u
[15:47] Caitlin Tobias: bugger off


When I logged in briefly this morning in ImperiuM , I saw a little green dot on the minimap. I hopped over (yay, I love double-click to teleport!) to go say ‘hello’ to the visitor!

I am not sure if it was a ‘he’ or a ‘she’, the name did not tell it either, but the looks….I just love n00bs, specially when they have managed to ruin their avatar on the first day of their Second Life! This one, I assume, tried to wear a full body armour and a sword, but it’s obviously not complete. Well, or maybe it is?
I tried to start a conversation, but no responses on my friendly welcome and then it poofed away…aw! I hope he/she was not scared by meeting a pink Elf with a shiny sword….


Nice armour!

I logged too, am going to take care of my real-life me the coming days and will take it very easy, as this flu has to be beaten!

So I spent some time in Waterhead, as it was (again) a quiet day with not much going on (other than that in RL I went for a long walk in the snow and fed the poor ducks in the river  my old bread).

Then, suddenly I thought I was back in 2007. The good old days, when gestures were normal, flexi-dresses and -hair did not exist and casino’s all over the place. And, most important: Bling was HOT and COOL!

Why I had this flashback? Well…this guy showed up. Argh, my eyes, where are my sunglasses!


Tha King of Bling!


Instead of watching survival documentaries on Discovery Channel (my usual way to wake up on Sunday morning, with coffee in bed!), I watched these two episodes of Man vs Second Life, hilarious!

(note: you may want to watch them on Youtube,   the embedded versions in this blog are a bit blurry!)