Come fly with me…

Fever got me and it’s bad. A flu without having a cold. I am miserable and not in the mood for fighting. Or te be in world a lot.

Anyway! To cheer myself up I transformed into an Elf. A pink one, of course! I kind of liked running around as the Christmas Elf the last weeks and I  missed it a bit :).

What do Elf’s do in Second Life? I have no clue and to be honest, I don’t care really. I am still Cait but then with fragile pink wings..hehe. And who said a Samurai can’t be an Elf?!  Nevertheless,  I found a lovely sim in fantasy style, Mystico Ville, not only for Elf’s but for all to enjoy.

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It has nice secluded spots, a medieval village, caves and forests with little fairies that follow you around. Intan Dance-system everywhere, so it can it be a romantic destination!

In case someone is interested in what I am wearing:
Skin, hair, eyes and ears: Curious Kitties
Outfit (including wings): Evies Closet – ‘ Willow the Wisp’
Boots: Shiny Things – ‘Comfy Boots Purple’
Tattoo: Garden of Ku
Shape: by Caitlin :p.

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