Wacky Wiki

Even Second Life related work can be difficult at times,  not meaning in world (that’s mostly just fun and a blast). No, this time I have been busy all evening, trying to create a page in the Second Life Wiki!

I admit I have never worked or tried doing anything in any Wiki, so I considered this a challenge. And it was. Pffffff…and Arrrgghhhh.

The result so far, my excuse is that I was multitasking (being on Facebook, in world in IM AND trying to figure out the wonders of Wiki), is not really spectacular, but it’s a page with content! Yay for me!

I will need more time to tweak it and fluff it up a bit, but will save that for some rainy Sunday :P.

Anyways, click here for a laugh!


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  1. Looks great, Cait! The Wiki is not very friendly though.;-) OMG I just spent an hour editing my photo to an updated version! lol TYTY for joining my New Fashion Group<33

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