A Night at the Museum

Ah no, this post is not about the movie with Ben Stiller, although the place I visited did remind me a bit of it!

I went to the Museum of Natural History – Vienna, where they now have an exhibition of Dinosaurs. On arrival you will see, after you’ve rezzed, a HUGE skeleton of a Dinosaur in front of the Museum. Pretty amazing! On the picture, I have placed an arrow to point out where I am standing, to show how large the Dino is..


Am I small? Or is he big?

At first I had not a clue one could actually enter the Museum, as it looks a bit flat from the outside. However, it is a complete building with rooms and halls  filled with art and: Dinosaurs!

Walking through the Museum is an experience….I suspect it is built as a holodeck (I am not that technical, so forgive me), with real-life images, therefore it seems tricky to walk up the stairs..but it turned out okay! It took me a minute or 3 to get used to this kind of build and I can only say: go see for yourself and get amazed!

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