Updated Payment info is updated

So, yesterday I got the promised mail, with information/confirmation about me being Near Deliquency. I checked, I do NOT want stay in Beta (as they made me a near delinquent!) and  updated my already up to date information to be sure!

Now, how sweet: I gots 1.000 L$ for the inconvenience – which is indeed already paid..! Now wait and see if all goes well, next billingcycle is 30 June…fingers still crossed!

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  1. Derek Torvalar says:

    Hope it doesn’t hurt their 2nd quarter earnings too much.

    1. LOL yeah,..the 1K is fun, but I’d rather have my normal payment and all back..what a mess!

  2. At least they sent you an email;-) Hope it all works great next cycle. Have you ever been to Tempura? The guy who created it has a great Jewelry store where some of that 1000L could be dropped. Here’s a link to the SLM store. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49982 Hisstuff reminds me of RL Tabra works.

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