Meanwhile in The ImperiuM..

Whilst I spend most of my in world time on the SL8B sims this week, I also try to keep up with fighting in ImperiuM ! Last night I watched a nice groupfight in our Mainhall and we welcomed a new member: Kirjaval!

She did her best in the fight (with the Bokuto) but it’s not easy when it is your first time and soon she kissed the mat… To show her we do not mean bad – and yeah  a 10 seconds death is part of the game – Ratt comforted her..:).


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  1. Tem Haalan says:

    Ratt giving group hugs? Time to get back to the Imperium!!

    1. Heh yeah! Where have you been anyway?!?!
      I bet your blade is rusty…;P

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