While I will be travelling the rest of this week – and probably will not blog, although I will try to find a topic and time! – one of the most well-known C:si combat sims will close.

This was announced months ago and lots of fighters have taken the last opportunities to spar there and we even had several ‘end-parties’ to say goodbye to this place where most of the C:si fighters took the first steps into katana fighting.

I have always enjoyed dropping by at Meiji, to meet people and of course for some fights. Good times!

A day in 2010 - the huge statue of a Samurai was a real landmark in the middle of the sim and a place to sit and chat...
July 2011 - The statue is taken a sign of the coming closure...

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  1. Venus says:

    It is sad to see a fun or beautiful sim close. As of 1 Sept, Abbots will be closed. It is where I learned to parachute years ago.

    1. Hi Venus, sure is sad. I read about Abbots, wil go there this weekend when I am back – to check it for last time..
      I think a lot of places I blogged about the past year have closed as well, I am considering going through my blog and re-visit them and maybe update some posts…Nothing is more frustrating than tp’ ing to a place you read about, to find it empty or worse: land in someones new home!

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