Living obstacles

Monday nights we usually have a grouptraining in our Dojo, lead by Ratt. Today it was a challenge, for all of us. Not only practicing what Ratt was teaching us, but also trying to manoeuvre around the non-stop stream of noobs.

Amazing really, how people act. Even as a noob I used to be able to see if I bumped into someone or if they were perhaps already in a conversation.
The noob of today however, seems to be occupied with themselves only. Well not all, but most we get in are very self-centered.
They run into the group – easy to spot us, we were standing in a circle with our swords and all in uniform – start yapping away in their native language (it was Polish night obviously) and get annoyed when you ask them to step off the mat and stand at the side while watching. Random friendship offers all over the place and sadly since some were really persistent in getting attention and started to annoy us, I had to eject/ban a few. (unbanned them later by the way, maybe they grow up in a couple of weeks and want to come back with some manners….).

We did the training anyway, and in some exercises had to use the noobs as living obstacles on the mat, using them to zig-zag around while we practiced fast moves! Heh!

Classic: TP whilst in sitting animation and keep moving around like this!
"Um, Sir? Your shoe and hair are attached to your chest...."
Why buy a shape, when you can easily modify the free one?

Of course we could easily do the grouptraining in our Sky Arena, as that is accessible to members of our group only, so we would not be run over by all the new residents. However, being in the Destination Guide and being a ‘Featured Destination’ we thought it would be nice for the people who come and visit to actually see the action and what we do!
I always find it disappointing, when exploring via the Destination Guide, to land in so many empty places!


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  1. Pep says:

    Live by the sword, die by the sword

    1. Yes, every night… :)

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