My first mesh-outfit!

Yeah, I is back! After an intensive week in the UK – playing with some new software, trying to break it, which I did – I flew back into the Flatlands last night. Amazing they manage to delay a 45 mins flight with one hour on a Saturday afternoon, but okay!

So, my first mission today when logging into SL was: get me a brand new mesh outfit and see what it’s like! I already installed Viewer 3.0 just before I left, so I could not wait!

I found a very nice and very complete outfit at LaRosa, the ‘mesh jeans outfit Unisex’ for 249 LS. The outfit is a jeans with straps, a pair of sneakers and a white top. LaRosa als has a range of dresses and gowns in mesh, but I fell for the casual jeans.

Got dressed and went to one of my favourite, free, photostudio’s (Ange’s) because they have nice props and it’s never too crowded.

The result? What the mesh-pants do is they move with your physique, so no more legs and ass sticking out of primparts or in this case: the straps stayed on the outside of my legs and did not disappear in my avatar, when using different poses!
I like it. A lot!

Now, I realise one has to be in Viewer 3.0 to see what I am wearing, anyone else in a non-mesh compatible viewer will see a box or prims around my lower body or in some cases people told me I was naked from the waist down. Heh!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Wilhiam Hydraconis says:

    Nou .. veel plezier dan met ‘mesh’ ..

    .. mijn dagen om het uit te proberen zijn voorbij .. :|

    Doei .. ;P

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