I felt it was time to try out some mesh clothes again. After the release of mesh on the grid I have been shopping for it, loved it, but then stopped wearing it as most of my friends don’t see it anyway – since they are not using mesh-enabled viewers for all kind of reasons.

It’s fine though, there is still plenty ‘normal’ fashion to drool about and I am sure mesh will become more regular in time. Patience is a virtue…

Anyway! Shopping for mesh I browsed through the destination guide, they have a section for mesh, and teleported myself to Mashooka. A store I have never been before. It’s quite lovely actually! The shop in split in two sections: western clothing and Indian clothing. So you either go left or right!
Mashooka has recently released mesh outfits on both sides, including demo’s, so you can try it out first. I find that important for meshclothes and it did not take me long to find out that the ‘western’ mesh outfit would not fit me. Even the largest size made my boobs completely stick out, just as my shoulders. So, to the Indian department!

To my delight the Indian outfit, in largest size – and mind you…Caity is NOT a giant – fitted almost perfect. I had to some minor adjusting to my boobs and shoulders, you hardly see it! I really love this Indian combination, which comes with a (prim) scarf, a mesh-tuniq and mesh-pants. You can mix and match, as the top and pants come with separate alphalayers to make you dissapear.
I am wearing the complete set in ‘Royal Blue’ and decided to not wear shoes, but my bare feet from Maitreya.

Looking around the store I saw this gorgeous statue of Ganesha, in the jewellry department..and found it a suitable spot to take these pics. Isn’t this statue amazing?

Oh, and while I was at it, the danger of hanging around in a jewellry department…I treated myself to these lovely earrings….:)

To complete the credits: poses by Geez Editorial and my hair is from Shag Hair :)


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  1. Venus says:

    You look amazing Cait! I have been to that shop but not for ages so I do need a trip! I was in LeeZu the other day and saw an avie with what I knew was a mesh dress. It fit her so well and there was no annoying prim bit between her legs. She gave me the LM to the shop and I picked one up. I would like to see more mesh with some variation in the texture (i.e., not all flat and smooth). I like little creases and wrinkles.
    I hope this will be possible.

    1. Ty Venus.
      If you are looking for a really nice skirt in mesh: Mon Tissu has a great one. And nifty too: they only have mesh/alphalayer between your legs..em…well, you know..where you usually have the nasty prim crotch-part. the rest of this pencilskirt is with glitchpants, looks amazing!
      I saw it on Grazia’s blog, and got one myself, link to the blog with LM and pics:

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