Light and Gravity

Thursday evening and I felt kind of restless. For no reason, just one of those days. After having shopped at Leezu (I blame Venus, she mentioned the L-word in one of her comments…) I was all dressed up and had nowhere to go. Le Sigh..

I started looking for a nice place to make some pics of my new outfit, but when doing so, I soon found that boring. Yes yes, it was really one of those days!

But then! I found a wonderful, bright, cheerful and uplifting art-exhibition called: Gravity and Light. Yay! Colours, as bright as I love them and amazing builds. I wandered around and enjoyed it very much (viewer to midnight, draw distance to 300) and felt better and better, looking at all the arty-stuffs! I almost forgot I wanted to do another fashion-item, heh, so I just showed off my clothes IN an exhibit :p!

For some more information on the art, they have their own blog: click here.

Gotta love me some colours!
I call him "Big Man With Fish"
Who lost his glasses here?

My outfit (Jacket, skirt and tights) is from Leezu, all new releases.
My shoes are from GOS – Platform Pumps in white.
Pose on 3rd pic by Adorkable

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