Staying home

As I am still not feeling too well, I seem to have a flu/nasty cold that runs in a loop, I stayed home in RL and took it a bit easy. I was planning to explore some in SL but I just could not get  in the right mood. So I logged into my house and started moving around some stuff. Always fun!

Last weekend I was in Syl’s house and admired her new sofa, all mesh. So. Hm! I decided that I really needed a set of comfy sofa’s like those,  in my house too!

The sofa’s, White Linen MESH , are from La Galleria and come in a complete livingroom-set with all kind of accessories as tables, clocks, paintings, lamps and so on! I only placed the two sofa’s (a two and a three-seater) one side-table and used the picture frames.
After moving and rotating and whatnot I was happy enough and sat down and looked around….oh my…I have to say: they really look amazing!
The mesh furniture is designed and created by Nacy Nightfire and Pamela Galli  for La Galleria and I can only admire the two ladies for their talent and skills!

Seriously, I do not want to get up!
I may take a long, lazy nap....
The pillow have a texture change menu with several lovely patterns and colours

My pics are not processed in Photoshop, other than putting my frame and sig on it. I have used Windlightsetting [TOR] Midday – Maldives and shadows enabled. As a consequence of these settings the sofa’s look a bit darker than they are in normal daylight – they are white!
Since they are 100 % mesh, you need a mesh enabled viewer to see them correctly, otherwise you will see a big pile of donuts…:).



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  1. Pep says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind the pile of donuts . . .

    Pep (channels Homer)

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