My Private Spa

After a long day of exploring (and shopping…) it is always good to come home! I like to end the days in Second Life with a bit of relaxing, sitting about and occasionally I treat myself on a sauna and long hot shower before pixelating into dust till the next login.
I recently bought a luxury shower/sauna combination, the Tranquility Shower, at Double O Studio, which does not only look good (I love the design) but has lots of options – turning my bathroom into a private spa!



The shower/sauna can be used for singles and couples and you can choose between a PG one and an Adult version.

The towel I am wearing is mesh and from Glitterati, and it comes with poses!


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  1. Venus says:

    Caity, I have lost track how many houses you live in! That one does not look like the one in which you hosted a dinner party nor the one in which you have gone to bed and awakened this morning (for example). How big is that parcel you live on ? LOL

    Nice review and photos, as usual!

    1. LOL!
      This is my skybox, it is actually not so big. The bed is rezzed close to this ‘bathroom’, so it’s quite packed. I only use this skybox for taking pics, like a sort of studio :). It is on the same parcel as my cabin at sea :)

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