In real life I am a huge fan of the tv series Bones. I know, maybe silly..but hey hoo, it is lovely to just hang on sofa and watch all that amazing forensic work (lol) and every week I hope Bones and Booth will kiss. They never do. Well not in the seasons we have playing here currently, so maybe in future…

This post isn’t about Bones as in the series though, but about the Halloween 2014 gift for Premium Accounts!
I was surprised to see the announcement – a few days later after the release – and of course I ran off to one of the sandboxes to get my gift, being all curious!

I didn’t get disappointed, in the folder was, besides a whole selection of pumpkins and whatnot also a Skeleton Mesh Avatar! Something to play with, always nice, even for a non-Halloween girl like me..give me an avatar and I will use it!
I feel pretty, oh so pretty!!

The Skeleton comes with a simple HUD to hide and/or show the optional ‘guts’ and eyes, I left them on hide…a skeleton has no guts! Tsk!


Five minutes delay they said...

You can find all destinations to pick up the Halloween 2014 gift here (Premium Accounts only).



It has been a busy couple of days, in and around Second Life! SL11B openened (I have yet to go visit it!), Linden Lab’s CEO Ebbe Altberg ‘leaked’ news about the plans of creating a whole new virtual world and some new mesh bodies have been released.

Now..of all things I could blog about…I went for the mesh body today. Haha!
To add, tonight the Basilique Salon discussion at 1PM SLT will be all about this new Virtual World, see Becky’s blog, and of all the information I have gone through as a lurker the past days I can recommend the blogpost of Nalates for a non-hysterical article.

I gave in and tried....The Shops - Mesh Body - I

The mesh body isn’t really free from controversy, since the WOW Meh – drama and Phat-azz no longer exists either. (Here an epic thread with some how and what and why, if you have time).
Today SLink released their ‘Physique’ mesh body (1250 LS) and yesterday The Shops released their mesh body as a beta version – for free. Since I am not sure if I want a mesh body to replace good old Caity, I went for the free version of The Shops and also got their free hands and feet to go with it.

Castaway - II

Of course, being it Beta, it means it is not really finished. As in: there are no appliers and no clothes. But I have to say I do love this, fitted mesh, body and once I found one of the default skintones in the HUD that was close enough to my Glam Affair skin (I do not want a mesh head, so I am wearing my own!) I fiddled a bit with my shape-sliders (I was so clever to make a copy of my shape first!) and within less than 30 mins I was quite happy with how it looks!
The body comes in three versions: naked but PG (LOL, no hoohah), naked, or with painted on underwear.

Castaway - I

I like the looks of the butt and the boobs and it makes a real lovely body for pictures. I do not see myself wear it for daily use, specially since there is no clothing (yet) and I cannot wear my tattoos, nor my claws.

Anything to complain? Nope, not really. Well maybe one thing:
The body did not really fit nicely on my neck though and the skintone isn’t perfect (because no applier), so in my neck you see a nasty line and colour-mismatch, which I just solved by wearing a pretty collar and in one picture with some photoshopping.
Here is how I look in a plain windlight, without photoshop and no covering of the neck:

Keep Calm and...

I posed with Alles this afternoon, she is wearing the (not available anymore) WOW Meh, for a picture for her blog.

Yesterday Linden Lab released new starter avatars, the ones new residents get to choose when creating an account. Of course they are also available to existing residents, in your inventory under Library, Outfits.

The new avatars are mesh and I was curious on how this would look and how much one can edit them to your liking.
I am not going to post a whole story on the pro’s and cons of these new avatars, but I just wanted to show three I picked out last night and played with, just to show you how they (can) look when you use a nice windlight and a pose – other then on the formal LL pictures :).

I particularly liked the Werewolf, for its looks and I think I will use this one in future for some pictures!

Beast, A new mesh starter avatar!

The Wolfman looks good, I think?, not sure if I will ever use him, but who knows!

Wolfman - New Mesh Start Avatar

Then I tried Marissa, a ‘normal’ female. This is Marissa straight out of the folder. Looks okay-ish, not that special:

Marissa - new mesh start avatar

And finally, this is the same Marissa but with my hair, my dress, my jewelry and armour. Since this is a mesh body in one piece and it is no mod, I could not wear my demonhands, nor my shoes or boots (unless their is a way to make my precious shoes work on this body?) and the elf ears were also a no go (cannot hide the default ears), Also, I find her hands a bit…large!:

Marissa - New mesh start avatar in Caity's clothes, hair and skin (errrr)

All in all, yes nice for a start, but limited the moment you want to change something on the body. Clothing, hair and jewelry is no problem, but! Shoes are important in SL?

I’ve seen some other pics on flickr already, and the zombie is a lovely one for artistic pictures. So, yeah, I will not wear any of the avatars in my daily SL, but will surely use them for fun every now and then.

See here what Alles Klaar did with one of the Zombies, on Flickr!

And an amazing image by Kirsten Smith, also using one of the zombies:

The Wet Walking Dead

The Wet Walking Dead by Kirsten Smith


For more in depth information and opinions I recommend the blogposts of Jo and Inara on the new mesh avatars:

* Jo Yardley on the new mesh avatars
* Inara Pey on the new mesh avatars


And okay, edit on 16th May, because I played with the Zombie Beast and he is really cool, one more pic

OK. Who took my wine??!!

Last night I went to fitness, first time after a week of rest ordered by the doctor – to get some of my injuries healed properly after an..ahem… unfortunate incident a weekend ago.
It was good, I must say I really missed the sessions! So, even though I still had to be careful with some exercises – it was a great workout and it was good to be back in the gym and sweat it all out!
On the drive back home – feeling all my abs and other muscles protesting with every move –  I listened to the radio, I always have mine tuned on an 80’s and 90’s  station, and they played ‘Supergirl’ by Reamonn. I always loved that song and it seemed so appropriate at this moment, for all kind of reasons.  And yeah, I sang the lyrics out loud, my own interpretation even :).

It inspired me to blog this.


‘You can tell by the way she walks
That she’s his girl.
You can tell by the way
She talks she woos the world.
You can see in her eyes
That no one is her change
She’s his girl,
His supergirl’


‘And then she’d say
That nothing can go wrong
When you’re in love
What can be wrong?
And then she’d laugh
The night time into day
Pushing her fear
Further alone’


‘Yeah she’s a supergirl,
A supergirl
His supergirl

Corset and pants – part of the Dirty Princess ‘Super Beauty’ mesh outfit (it comes with lots more, as cuffs, boots and all)
Jewelry by Mandala
Hair from Truth – Elody Blonde
Elf ears by Lemon Tea
Mesh feet by GOS (arched)
Mesh hands from SLink

Pics shot at location: The Forgotten City

“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
La-la-la-la Lola”

If there ever was a song that fits right into Second Life, it would have to be Lola by The Kinks! But, my blogpost is not about boys being girls and vice versa…it’s about my latest mesh bodyparts: the Lola Tango Mesh Breasts!

I’ve read alot about them and seen lots of pics on FLICKR and also on MP I spotted clothes with the addition: including Lola Tango applier, meaning you can wear regular clothes that will cover your breasts – by using the special ‘applier’. Now, also important, well to me, they are resizable so you do not necessarily have to walk around with huge melons (but you can, of course!).

Lola’s are not cheap, they cost 1750 L$. For that you get the boobs, including their HUD for resizing, colouring, optional nipple-piercings and what not. Also included layer (undershirt layers) to cover up the transition from the breast to your skin (layers are tintable). The mesh breast are non-rigged, so you can position them if needed (I had to), depending on your shape.

Now, I had serious problems getting the skintone right with my usual Glam Affair skin, they fitted nicely but the colour…argh! After hours of fiddling I gave up and bought a skin at Al Vulo that comes with a Lola Tango skin applier! Yay! Smooth and seamless transition from skin to boobs, for if I do not want to wear a turtleneck sweater :).

Once I got the skin sorted, the rest is easy. You can, as I said, get lots of clothing with appliers and it worked pretty straight forward.

For this blogpost I made some pics, naturally!, to show them off and for the occasion and keeping it honest I have NOT photoshopped the boobs or the clothing. What you see is the result of windlight, shadows and the only thing I did on the pics was ´sharpening´.
Note: in some windlights they look awful, but that goes for more things in SL!

Lola_001Lola_002Lola_003If you want to see them all in the nude, I have posted a picture on Flickr (behind a filter – as this is a PG blog – click here)
What I am wearing:
* Lola Tango Mesh Breasts
* Skin : Al Vulo Jade Fairy, including the mesh & doll lashes
* Top : [QE] Bustalicious in Chocolate
* Leggings by Maitreya
* Hair: Truth Soleil in Swedish
* Nails: mesh nails by Leverocci
* Jewellry from Maxi Gossamer

So, this morning while sipping my coffee on my last day off this year, I browsed on the marketplace for some lingerie. Then a mesh avatar caught my eye and before I knew it..I bought it. A Girl from Outerspace….she is not cheap but worth every Linden Dollar. She comes with two HUDs, to change her skin colour, the nails, lips, lashes and you can even remove the skull part and let her brain get some air…..

I love her! I did not change a lot, only the colour of her nails and lips, her skin I left untouched as I like the ‘porcelain’ look.

Girl from outerspace_002

Girl from outerspace_001

She is great for roleplay I guess, but I just love the arty-side and had a lot of fun making pics. Not sure how the pig felt about her though…

Girl from outerspace_003

This gorgeous avatar is from JOMO and …they have a very handsome male version too!