The Tube from *BOOM*

*BOOM* has released a new collection of mesh tube-dresses, I stumbled upon when I was there looking for a new tanktop. Well…..I forgot all about the tanktop and tried on the demo of this lovely looking dress instead. It was a fit and then came the hardest part: picking a colour!
This tube-dress comes in so many colours, plain or with lace….I don’t think I have ever seen such a choice….Oh my! I ended up with an orange one (‘Tangerine’) and an Orange/brown version (‘tangerine covered in Chocolate’) and then rushed to Hucci to get a pair of my favourite mesh pumps in orange to suit my new dresses!

(I am wearing the XS and needed to slightly adjust my boobs to make it  a perfect fit)



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  1. venus petrov says:

    Lovely backdrop to a lovely dress on a lovelier you!

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