A Year In The Life Of An Avatar

Ah, no..this is not about a year of Caitlin, but it is the title of the latest art exhibition of Fuschia Nightfire at the Avatar Charitable Trust!

About the exhibition, text as given to me by Lillie Radek, one of the organisors:
‘Fuschia changes her avatar in SL more often than she changes her clothes in RL. She usually has a pinkish theme and most things she wears would get her an instant ban from Bogarts as she rarely looks completely human

At the beginning of 2011 she decided to start a project, documenting the changing look of her avatar, which also became a diary of sorts showing some of the places she visited and many of her shows and exhibitions throughout the year.”.

And that is what you will see, hundreds of pics of Fuschia! It is cooler than it sounds, really! Well, that ..and I have a personal weak spot for Fuschia, who I have gotten to know as a friendly and lovely lady in the past 4 years :)



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