A year in pictures, for when I need a smile

I usually don’t like or make reviews about a year that has not ended yet, but there is always an exception to the rule..and I suppose this blogpost is one!

I picked my favourite photo’s from this year, to illustrate the cool, wonderful, lovely and memorable moments. Because they make me smile and those moments mean the world to me.
Second Life has, in more ways than people probably know, been a very important part of me this year.  In Real Life things did not go well. Actually, I dare say,  2012 has basically been a real bad year, with more downs than ups.
If it wasn’t for Sy, I have no idea how things would have gone…I guess it would have been even worse. He has been my rock, my soulmate and he still is.
To keep it short and vague: my 2012 has been taken over by several health issues, long and short term, at the same time, and I am still not 100% recovered. But progress is there and I hope to be completely well and myself again in January/February, well that is what the doctors say – so I will go for it! During my ‘darkest’ moments, Sy was there for me. And SL of course, and Parrot. But mostly Sy.
And just when we thought all was going to be better, we saw some sort of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, Sy got this horrible accident in September and that turned everything upside down. Him being hospitalised for almost 2 months with so many injuries, got me worried sick. But we were and are thankful and grateful he lives, probably not many people would have survived what has happened to him.
He got released from the hospital a month ago and is working on his recovery, which will take many more months, but he will get there.

2013 has got to be a better year for us! Seriously, things can only get better, they have to!

We have had good times in 2012 too! Ooooh yes :). Those are the moments I cherish and look back at when I need a smile and faith and hope for the future!

Besides that…2012 is not over yet, so who knows!

One of our first long chats, in the desert
One of our first long chats, in the desert
He took me dancing...
He took me dancing…
Being all sportive
Being all sportive
Exploring the Wilderness
Exploring the Wilderness
Welcome home :)
Welcome home :)

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  1. <3 all the best to both of you…oh and BIRD too:-)

  2. karironstadt says:

    I love this blog of yours, ..I’m fast becoming avid reader of sl writings…..Pictures are wonderful aren’t they…….you can look at them and have the same feeling and thoughts you did when they were taken….. regardless what world were in.. they tug at our heart strings ……♥

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