Beautiful Day

About two weeks ago I posted this statement on my profile  feed:

“If good things come to those who wait, then I must have something ridiculously amazing coming!”

It turned out to be true, I waited. And the ‘ridiculously amazing’ coming to me..well, he knows who he is (right, Sy?). Worth the patience, worth…everything.

It’s a beautiful day! I cannot stop smiling, even though it makes my face hurt. I wish you all the same feeling…every day can be a beautiful day!


‘Touch me,
Take me to that other place
Reach me,
I know I am not a hopeless case’


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. Bad things come all at same time, but the same happens with the good things, I’m happy thant the bright side of life is smiling back to you Caitlin <3

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