A huge thank you to bloggers and the SL media from the producers of Paradise Lost

Canary Beck

Season 2 of Paradise Lost in Second Life is now well underway with a very enjoyable sell-out performance presented last weekend. We’re still getting fantastic reviews. The show is clearly continuing to surprise and delight nearly everyone fortunate enough to get a chance to watch it.

Paradise Lost in Second Life is no longer new, so it’s unlikely to gather the same kind of attention we received during the first season from bloggers and SL media. This makes getting the word out more of a challenge. Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

I’d like to thank you, bloggers and SL media, for sharing 80+ articles (see below for a full list) mentioning Paradise Lost to date. Your support has blown me away. Many, many people who first learn about the show, learn about it through your posts on your blogs and social media!

Still, there…

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