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Canary Beck

Season 2 of Paradise Lost in Second Life is now well underway with a very enjoyable sell-out performance presented last weekend. We’re still getting fantastic reviews. The show is clearly continuing to surprise and delight nearly everyone fortunate enough to get a chance to watch it.

Paradise Lost in Second Life is no longer new, so it’s unlikely to gather the same kind of attention we received during the first season from bloggers and SL media. This makes getting the word out more of a challenge. Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

I’d like to thank you, bloggers and SL media, for sharing 80+ articles (see below for a full list) mentioning Paradise Lost to date. Your support has blown me away. Many, many people who first learn about the show, learn about it through your posts on your blogs and social media!

Still, there…

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For some reason, Lacrimosa from Mozarts Requiem – my all time favourite part of the Requiem, has played an important part in my Second Life this year and seems to become a theme.

I cannot get enough of this piece and often play it while exploring or photoshopping. Of course, I was delighted to see and hear it being performed in one the scenes in Paradise Lost, the scene where Adam and Eve get extorted from Eden. Yes, I got the tissues ready :).

Lacrimosa in Stone - IV

So. The Fantasy Faire 2014 opened and one of the first sims I visited was Sanctum, created and sponsored by Fallen God Inc. and….guess what…Alia gifted me a new avatar/outfit called: Lacrimosa.
It just screamed at me: ARTSY FARTSY PICS!!! DEWIT!!!

lacrimosa in Stone - III

So I did. I got Don to get the male version of Lacrimosa, which is with a kilt so that made it comfortable to turn him into stone..haha, and he had the patience to pose with me for over an hour….all for ART!

lacrimosa in Stone - II

Lacrimosa, in one of the Paradise Lost trailers:

Pictures shot on location: Binemist
Lacrimosa outfit by Fallen Gods Inc – Fantasy Faire Sanctum (we are both wearing our own shape)
My hair: Argrace – Haruka

Pose on first two pics: Treasured by Infiniti
Pose on third pic: Abandon by Del May



It has been a while since my last Behind the Scenes report, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been going on!

As you may have read on this blog, the performances have been very well received and gotten lovely reviews! Needless to say, it all makes me a little proud too ..hehe.

Now, to ensure every performance starts in a clean and spotless place, there is a professional cleaning crew that takes care of the Basilica after every show. I have spoken to them, they are hard workers who take pride in their job, but I have to say I was a bit shocked to see how much rubbish is left behind once everybody has tp’ed out! Popcorn, feathers (I suppose from the Angel wings?!) and what not.
Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost: Meanwhile....

If you happen to go see Paradise Lost, and if you haven’t yet you should!, take a moment when you are seated…

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Canary Beck

Draxtor Despres released the 18th Episode of The Drax Files: World Makers today on YouTube. It features Paradise Lost in Second Life and was filmed entirely at Basilique and in London, England! This 5-minutes is action-packed!

I am a huge fan of this series and am truly honoured that Draxtor invited me to be a part of it.

Harvey and I had a blast taking part in this mini-documentary while learning all about how Draxtor does what he does so exceptionally well: documenting and sharing the passions of Second Life residents with the metaverse and beyond!

I owe a huge thanks to the cast, the audience at the March 28th Press Preview that participated in filming, and a massive thank you to Draxtor Despres for beautifully capturing what our work is all about!

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Canary Beck

The latest round-up of news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

Top Stories:

  • Press Preview Saturday, March 29th at Noon SLT!
  • Top Tips for Enjoying Paradise Lost
  • Behind the Scenes of Paradise Lost
  • Bloggers get to Blogging
  • Sponsorship places still available
  • Only 5 tickets left for April 6th performance.

Wearing the Audience Avatar, and only the Audience Avatar

Press Preview is Saturday at Noon SLT

We’ve been rehearsing all week for the Press Preview. Every time we rehearse, Harvey and I find yet something else we want to fix. While I’d say we’re 98% there, I’m struggling to balance my near-obsessive perfectionism with relaxing and letting things be. The best thing to do, I’ve decided, is to do our best and take the leap. We’ll take all feedback, and use the following week to either fix every issue, or cut it from the score. It’s time to get ruthless. Ticket Holder_001

Top tips for enjoying Paradise Lost

To my knowledge,

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It has been a while since my last report, so yesterday I decided to have a look at the studio and see if I could find something interesting to show you all. I arrived in an empty studio, which looks impressive even when there is nothing going on!

Hello? Anybody there?? Hello? Anybody there??

Just when I was about to leave, well – as beautiful as the empty set is, I was hoping for some action, I heard a rattling sound behind me and someone muttering and sighing a lot.
I turned around and saw it was one the actors, a slave, trying to push two shopping-carts filled with props into the studio! The poor man, struggling all alone with those heavy carts. So I offered my help and took over one of the carts, giving me the opportunity to have a closer look at the props as well :).

BTS - Props - II

The actor told…

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