Memory Lanes…

…yes I have a few Memory Lanes, like we all have.
Some are now dark, muddy paths I wish to avoid, other are happy streets that make smile when I happen to wander into them.

Today I had one of the happy wanderings about…I met Ratt, he has returned in SL after an absence of about 3 years, and since a few months he is frequently online. We used to run a Samurai Clan, as ‘clan leaders’ and spent so many, many hours of our time in SL katana fighting! From 2008 – 2011 we were always fighting. On our sim, Imperium Island. Good times yes.
Good times come to an end, it happened to us. Ratt had to leave SL for all the right reasons and I was left behind, eventually giving up the clan and the sim. Today we met and chatted, not for the first time – we have become close friends in real life since he left SL, so it wasn’t that we had years to cover, but we always managed to keep RL and SL separated in our past years.

It was funny to see him back, all ‘meshed’ up, with mesh clothes, new hair and mesh hands even! He has shrunk his avatar, but still……I had to LOL about his size and he, as in the old times, called me short-ass.

Ratt & Caity, catching up, 4 yrs after the video as in description...
Rattus and Caity, november 2014

It was nice to take a pic of us together after all those years and when he logged I went to youtube and watched some old video’s of us, the katana fighters….yeah, good times and it made me sad for a moment I have lost so many pictures of us when the ‘big harddisk crash without backup in 2012’ happened, but nevertheless I strolled over a lovely memory lane for today.

I still have all my katana’s, but – just like Ratts swords – they will sit in my inventory for old time sake and occasionally they are a photo-prop. Ratt-San and Caity-San are no longer the sword fighters, but still good friends and that’s what it is all about in the end, right?




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