The Bay

This weekend a new sim by the lovely and talented landscaper Mz Marville opened its doors to the public: The Bay.

(You may know Mz Marville from her beautiful sim Matoluta Bay, but ‘The Bay’ is something quite different).
Mz created The Bay in a Pirate themed setting and the sim is rated ‘Adult’, catering to the more mature/adult minded residents, and yes..this may or may not include activities of a sexual nature, although this is optional and not very in plain view as it where. For now, till 21 November, it is free to join the land-group and wander about, explore the many (secluded and only for members accessible) areas, after 21 November a joining fee of 350LS will be asked.

The Bay - I

Besides the adult-side of The Bay, there is much more. For one it is a very photogenic environment (and yes, because of the adult nature it is very suitable for e.g. photoshoots that require one to drop their pants or show a nipple, or two…) and there is a lot to explore! In future Mz is planning regular parties and music-events as well, as to build a community and a place where you can meet new friends, old friends and anyone in between. And enjoy the environment (did I say that already?).

The Bay - II

So no, qualifying it as a ‘sex-sim’ would not do it justice, it is a wonderful place and everyone is welcome to enjoy it, pirate or not!
For more information on house-rules and all, please visit their official website.
The Bay - III

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Oh and when I was a young Caity in the 80’s….there was only one real ‘Pirate’ for me, Ian Astbury from The Cult…..I had to play this when preparing my blogpost, She Sells Sanctuary!


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  1. owldragonash says:

    Awesome shots! The place looks like its going to be great! Ty for the shout out : )

  2. CONSERVE says:

    Reblogged this on CONSERVE Landscaping and commented:
    Caiti’s Eyes @ The Bay

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