Location in the Spotlight: Binemist

Start of a new series on SL Blogger Support: featuring photogenic and blogger/photographer friendly locations in Secondlife!

SL Blogger Support

Per this month I will start a new, monthly, series on this website. Every month I will write an article  featuring a location which is photogenic and most of all: photographer/blogger friendly; including an interview with the owner/landscaper/decorator.
I hope this will help you in finding beautiful places where you can go for  photoshoots and of course to just enjoy!

Kicking off with Binemist (Adult),  a wonderful mix of a breathtaking (and fun!) underwater world, a watery groundlevel (perfect for pictures that need reflections) and a surprise in the sky – all to be reached via a teleport system. Binemist is owned and decorated/landscaped by the lovely Biné Rodenberger – who I asked to tell us something about her place.

Location in the Spotlight : Binemist - II

One of the things I wanted to know is, what does ‘Binemist’ mean, something I had never asked before but wondered about!
The name derived from my…

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