Lighting the lights!

As every year, the madness about Christmas and the decorating of homes and lands started on the last day of November. I always found, and maybe still find, that way too early.
In Real Life, I would never, ever, get out Christmas decorations before the 5th of December and usually I only start with decorations around the 15-20th. My real-life Christmas tree, although ordered already, will be delivered around 20 December and will be put in the house on Christmas-eve, and I decorate it then. A tradition I love. Snacks, wine, Christmas carols and struggling with the strings of lightbulbs and cursing to myself wtf I was thinking last year when I put them in the garage…

Back to Second Life. The madness. The stuff. I have given in, this year. I don’t know why, but I did and I even like it. I’ve skipped many years of decorating in SL and in my mainland home it is eternal spring, for at least 5 years now. Because I like it.

Decorating my home for the FreeBird Open House Tour next month :)
Table with cakes and hot chocolate on the porch

Anyway, I stumbled across the Freebird-blog announcing their Annual Open House ‘‘Tour of Lights‘ in which home-owners can participate. The idea is to have your home all decorated for the Holidays and open it for people to come visit and have them wander around. I thought it would be nice and a good excuse for some decorating as well. What is the point of a complete, lovely home with all the stuffs when there is nobody to show it off too anyway!

Lighting the lights - A blogpost
The lounge

I’ve thought about it a bit and then  submitted my home. Which also meant: decorating!
I am not going to change the plants and flowers in my garden, I love my Spring-time too much, but I have put quite some work and time in getting the inside of my home and the Atelier in the garden all decked out. And still not ready! It is more fun than I imagined, to go out shopping for decor items and then putting it out in my home. I’ve made some pics in the process, but I am sure by the time it is Christmas things may look a bit different!

Decorating my home for the Open House Tour - My Atelier by the sea
My Atelier in the garden, with a view on the house

The Tour of Lights will run from 18-21 December, I will make sure to post the SLURL to my home on my website too, so even if you are not doing the whole tour, you are welcome to come over to my house where the lights are sparkling, the wine is ready and the weather is always good!



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  1. You were born to write!
    Lovely and interesting post!

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