My 3 Pet Peeves and how I dealt with them

Pet Peeves, you know them. And maybe you have them too, those little things that annoy the crap out of you and the more often you think about or encounter them, the worse they get?
I have, or had, quite a few of those  in Second Life and at some point I needed to do something about it, to prevent them from enjoying less and less of my online time.

Here is how I started acting when I ran into a Pet Peeve, I am convinced you can do it too!

The Landingpoint Pet Peeve
Arriving at a popular event, finally – after endless trying to tp in – only to land on a pile of avatars who just stand there – ON the FRKN Landingpoint!…- oh sorry, I almost lost my cool just remembering how I was..sorry – doing nothing, in best cases I hope they are zooming around in worst cases I think they just TP in and go AFK for some real life ironing bedsheets. Or something.
I used to get mad and seriously annoyed, IMming them and trying to push them away. Didn’t help.

So now, when this happens I either just move along and mentally ignore them or, if that is not possible because I keep hanging helpless in the air with my arms waving like a mad thing – I TP out and go do something else. You know, I came to realise events will usually last some more days and eventually there will be a moment I can land all safe and sound and shop in peace and quiet. I have given up on wanting to be there first, so I can buy stuff and wear the same as everyone else for the rest of that day.

The All Things Full Bright and Facelight Pet Peeve
A combination, I hate both of them as much as the next one: Facelights and anything full bright. The horror! The disgust! I am not sure what is worse, the walking lighthouses who light up a sim as if 1000 suns have arrived or TP’ing into a location where the flowers and assorted decorations are full bright – hurting my eyes.

Solution? The facelights is easy, I simply disabled attached lights in my preferences and am now blissfully unaware of anyone walking around like they just were set on fire at Burn.
The full bright stuff? Also quite simple: I TP in, I see, I leave. Yup. I leave. And I will not return. Another option is less dramatic, if it is just one object in an area I derender the source of unwanted light. However, I can only do that when in Alchemy Viewer, the LL Viewer sadly doesnt have the derender option. So it’s viewer depending.

Pet Peeves - A blogpost
Walking away, I can do it!

The Serial Chatter in Groups Pet Peeve
People who use group-chat as if it is Twitter or a chat-room, including telling the rest of the online audience they need to ‘brb toilet‘ or ‘omg guys, I just took a pic!‘. You know those? I do. And they keep going on and on and on.

In the past I would sneer or snark, okay..maybe I still do that occasionally…, and got annoyed. Now? I see it. I sigh. I may roll my eyes, and then I close the group. I have decided to no longer accommodate and thus encouraging those kinds of silly tweets… announcements and it makes my Second Life so much more relaxed!

See how easy I now deal with my ‘former’ Pet Peeves? I admit, I have fall backs sometimes. Hey, I am not perfect! But I try to keep it under control and it works for me.

How do you deal with yours, if you have any?


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  1. Auryn Beorn says:

    Zen, Zen, and then some more Zen. I remind myself that I probably have some skeletons in my closet that make others suffer me when I’m in SL, call it even, and continue with my day.

    1. Hah Auruyn, good point! I am sure I may annoy ppl at times happens! Zennnnnnnn :)

  2. owldragonash says:

    Face lights are a huge pet peeve of mine too, thank you! disabling attached lights great idea!

    1. HI Owl! Yes, it works for me :). I never enable them again!

  3. Ditto on the face lights and serial chattention ho. A peeves of mine includes group begging ie. “Hi can anyone lend me some Lindens” lending implies returning – and Gacha machines with prizes that are no transfer.

    1. Hi Dita :). Oh yes, the beggars…meh and block. The non transfer Gachas I not seen often, maybe once and it was a mistake by the creator, so when I asked they changed it and I got a new one.

  4. Kerena says:

    #1 pet peeve? Twitchy, twisty, squatty, squiggly, overly dramatic gesturing/stepping AO’s! My solution? If I can’t change my camera view so the avatar is not visible, I derender the avatar.
    #2 pet peeve? Display names with unreadable ASCI characters. My solution? Normal, every day out and about I just have user names displayed. When hosting, I try to remember to have user name/display name showing and will use display name if I can read it. Otherwise, I use display name.

    1. Hey Kerena, ooooh those AO’s..haha, yeah I personally do not mind ( am aware I am using an old one too, with some odd moves……oops!). The ACSI names…argh! I dont even try to address ppl by those but use the user name, as you do too!

  5. Okay, i know i’m late to the discussion but here goes! I thought i was the only one who got annoyed by those irritating group chatters. I’m liable to make a sarcastic comment when it gets too much. And the same applies to local chat, of course! Especially when someone starts in with the silly, ass-spanking device. No-one over the age of a month should be using one of those in a public chat. I’m serious!

    1. Hey Squashy, it is never too late to vent and rant a bit about a pet peeve! And I get you..the gesturbators/spankers…ack. Mute is an option!

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