Location in the Spotlight: *Frisland*

Another superb location featured in my new series on SL Blogger Support, this time I visted Frisland!

SL Blogger Support

For this article in the series ‘Location in the Spotlight’ I travelled to the winter in *Frisland*, a gorgeous and photographer- and blogger friendly location, owned and designed/decoration by three passionate people: Frislanda Ferraris, Annabell Barzane and Charlie Namiboo.

*Frisland* is recently transformed to winter, as this is one of those locations that like to follow the seasons, so it is quite new as we speak!

Of course I didn’t just go there for pictures, but I also had asked some questions about the background and story of *Frisland*. I am alway intrigued by sim names, so naturally my first question was: “Could you, in a nutshell, tell us what the name Frisland means and/or why your sim is called that?”

Charlie, who took care of the interview (also on behalf of Frislanda and Anna) explained me “If you know the names…

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