It’s Pose O’Clock!

A few months ago I opened my own little shop at Basilique, with some poses. For fun really and my way of being part of the Basilique community and so doing my part – as I have a home already and didn’t feel the need to rent a house/appartment on my most favourite sim.

I put some poses up for sale, decorated the shop and basically that was it…. for months. Not really commercial eh? But that wasn’t and still isn’t my goal.

However! This week, I was going through my harddisk folders and found I have so many poses and I never did something with them.
So, the past days I took the time and effort to put together some packs for sale in my shop, taking pics and all and redecorated my little mainstore for the holidays.

Pose O'Clock - Slidin' - 1


I am humbled and surprised that people come over to my shop and buy my poses! I hope the poses bring smiles and fun, as much fun as I had when making the pics. It is not about the money for me, really just is so awesome to see fellow residents having fun with stuff I made. It is too cool!


Oh no! [Broken] Ice!
Kerena cracking the ice …..


Oh and yes..I get all warm and fuzzy when I see bloggers using my poses in their posts! Like Violetta and K’ess! Muahs to them!




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