A few days ago I explored Lucienne (Adult), an urban/rural sim, with quite some nice spots and photogenic areas. Some streets, with homes that are occupied by tenants (so I didn’t snoop around in those) and public areas!

My week has been all kinds of hectic in Real Life and while I usually find enough words to describe a location I have explored, this week my brain is full with other stuff – enough for another post. Or not. Maybe it is just the time of the year, who knows!

Anyway, Lucienne is a sweet town and a lovely location for photos and just walk around or for some relaxing and my lack of words doesn’t mean it is not worth a visit! I will let my pics speak for themselves :)
Lucienne - III

Lucienne - II
Lucienne - I


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  1. Thank you so much Caitlin, I’m so glad you visited and enjoyed. The brownstones, believe it or not, are actually just part of the atmosphere/environment – they’re unrented. The only person who lives on Lucienne is me, way up in the sky! lol I think it’s so cool they look realistically “lived in” – thanks for that, I was going for that look. :) Lucienne changes seasonally (new things will be added for winter after the holidays, and a New Year’s Eve setup too) so please feel free to return any time, always happy to have you. Enjoy your holiday season.

  2. jezzyjezy says:

    Such gorgeous photos!

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