Location in the Spotlight: The Yorkshire Moors

After I recently featured this sim on my own blog here, I decided it was a great location for SL Blogger Support too and had a lovely interview with Pink; and featured some great photo’s made by fellow SL residents!

SL Blogger Support

For this blogpost in my series of Location in the Spotlight I have visited and explored the gorgeous, somewhat bleak and barren, home of PinkRayne – and Rayne Coutures, called The Yorkshire Moors.

Recently redecorated into this lovely scenic environment, I wanted to give this place some attention, since it is awesome for photography! I have asked Pink to tell us some more about The Yorkshire Moors, and hope this will inspire you to go visit!

Smelling the eveningBy Leonorah Beverly

Asking Pink where the name and inspiration for The Yorkshire Moors come from, she told me “The Yorkshire Moors homestead is inspired by my rl home, my first life love: the flawed, bleak and breathtaking Yorkshire Moors, UK. The Brontë family wrote many classic novels about this beautiful landscape, most famously ‘Wuthering Heights’, and I was inspired to recreate this unique, vast and rural landscape so that I…

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