Happy Valentine and remember to ..give!

Last night – for me – I went to the LL Isle of View, for the special Valentine Events ‘Hug-a-Linden’ and ‘Dunk-a-Linden’. Admitting the build isn’t that superspecial and Valentine’s Day isn’t a Dutch thing, but what led me there was the charity.
After reading the official announcement of said events, I think it is a wonderful and generous idea to combine the Valentine’s Day spirit with a good cause: The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

On the Isle of View you could, last night, hug Linden Lab employees in special booths or if you weren’t into hugging: try to dunk them in the water. Both much fun and I am not too big to admit I had loads of fun posing with several Lindens – in the most inappropriate and uncomfortable hugs, all for fun. I dunked a few too!

Hug-a-Linden, Xiola
With Xiola Linden

But the best thing is, to me, the Kiosk at the landing point, where you can select some gifts to buy and have them send to your Valentine. Optional anonymous! The gifts (Bears, chocolate, bunting) are 50 LS and Linden Lab will at the end of the event match the purchases and donate it all to the The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

The Kiosk

I asked Xiola Linden, while posing with her and I got it confirmed that you can send a gift to yourself too, in case you do not have a Valentine like me! I went on and have gotten myself a bear and chocolates, not so much for the actual objects but to donate to the charity.

Oh and yeah..I had fun hugging the Lindens!
The Isle of View is here this weekend, so you still have time to go there and pick a present to send to your Valentine – or yourself – and support the cause!

Lindens Collage

All we need is love <3

Hug-a-Linden, Torley
With Torley Linden

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