Telrunya – Forest of Dreams

It has been too long since I’v enjoyed some fantasy places in Second Life, and today I found I needed to be my elf again! To my delight I ended up in a gorgeous place, Telrunya – Forest of Dreams, with plenty of magic and fantasy to immerse in!

Telrunya - I Via a teleport system you can choose where to go, of course I choose the Elvengrove as a first stop..and never left it! Such a vibrant, wonderful place! Lush forests, a stream, waterfalls and plenty of places to sit and be …whoever you want to be :). Isn’t that the beauty of SL? For me it is.

Telrunya - II

Surely I will have to go back to this magical place, to explore the other destinations – for now..I only have pics to show of the Elvengrove, I hope they inspire you to go there and wander around!

SLURL: Telrunya – Forest of Dreams

Telrunya - IV


4 Comments Add yours

  1. owldragonash says:

    Telrunya looks really pretty..have to add to my visit list. If you wondered your blog looks great on an iPad too.

    1. Thanks Owl! And yeah, I see my blog on iPad too and I have the design enabled for mobile devices/tablets, its so easy with WP!

  2. readmeri says:

    Gorgeous Cait,, thanks for sharing

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